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The AIHHP 2018 Hearing Expo & 12th Golden Lobe Awards


Once again we have a tremendous line up of fantastic speakers – see below.

As always, the Friday conference & exhibition is OPEN TO ALL (with the Saturday being kept for AIHHP Full & Executive Members.)

This year’s Hearing Expo is being held at the newly refurbished four star DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Coventry which is located in the heart of England, just off the M6. Click on the hotel name to go through to the hotel’s website for maps and detailed directions.


Following the success of last year’s session, our ‘Front of House’ Training stream returns!!


Due to the success of last year’s front of house staff training session, we’ve collaborated with Starkey 

FREE OF CHARGE for AIHHP Members staff, this will be a relaxed but very practical and interactive session. Attendees will cover re-tubing, cleaning hearing aids, filter changes, microphone cover changes and much more!

If you’re not an AIHHP member, but would like you or a member of your staff to attend this session, please email: 

Speakers at the 2018 Hearing Expo

Getting Ahead on a Changing High Street

Jack Stratten – Retail Consultant at Insider Trends & Sherpa to the Future of British High Street Retail


Every year, the world seems to change more dramatically. Retailers that have been around for decades seem to be suddenly disappearing. Yet other retailers, launched from entrepreneurs’ bedrooms, are experiencing incredible growth. Some technology is transforming retailers’ businesses, other technologies are expensive and time-consuming misadventures.

The right path ahead may seem rockier and more hidden than ever.


Using data and a series of examples from inspirational, ground-breaking businesses, Jack will lay out:

  • What the high street of 2025 could look like
  • The potential threats and opportunities that lie ahead – and how to tackle hard questions head-on whilst maximising your opportunities
  • What you can do to futureproof your business and stay ahead of competitors
  • Why there is strength in size, why there is strength in independence, and whether businesses can have their cake and eat it
  • How to identify which initiatives to experiment with, and which are a waste of time and money

You’ll walk away from the presentation with a clear idea of the future of the high street and where your independent hearing care centre fits, along with key actions that will help futureproof your business.

AIHHP are delighted that Jack will be delivering this insightful keynote presentation at this year’s Hearing Expo.

The Psychoacoustics of Tinnitus:

Pitch, Loudness, Masking, and Residual Inhibition

Professor Brian Moore – Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Cambridge

This presentation focuses on perceptual measurements of the characteristics of tinnitus and their applications in understanding the causes and origins of tinnitus. Topics covered include estimating the loudness and pitch of tinnitus, relationship of tinnitus pitch and tinnitus spectrum to the audiogram, the masking of tinnitus and the effectiveness of different types of maskers, and residual inhibition. The presentation will also consider the possible relationship between dead regions in the cochlea and tinnitus.

Managing Hearing & Cognitive Decline:

What you should know about Hearing, Social Engagement & Brain Health

Barbara E. Weinstein, Ph.D –  Professor & Founding Executive Officer of the Doctor of Audiology  Program, (Au.D.), City University of New York

Age related hearing loss and senile dementia are growing public health challenges due to their increasing prevalence and the social, health and economic costs.

Mounting evidence confirms that hearing loss poses a risk for dementia with persons having significant hearing loss at greatest risk. Recognition and acknowledgement of the link, albeit, not causal, has value as earlier identification through targeting modifiable social, sensory, and lifestyle risk factors may have potential economic and public health benefits.

While, the evidence is not robust regarding the efficacy of hearing aid use as a buffer against slowing the onset or reversing behavioural symptoms associated with dementia, hearing aids (with the appropriate features) do increase audibility of sound, assist users in deciphering degraded auditory input, likely help to reduce cognitive load, and in turn can help optimize communication ability and outcomes. Given the proximal and distal consequences of age related hearing loss and the fact that hearing loss/communication deficits are NOT good for the brain, this session will focus on how hearing health care professionals can position themselves to be included in the conversation regarding earlier identification and management of modifiable risk factors for dementia.

Listening to and performing music with hearing aids:

Insights from the AHRC-funded Hearing Aids for Music project

Dr Alinka Greasley

Associate Professor of Music Psychology,

Programme Leader (MA Applied Psychology of Music),

Principal Investigator (AHRC-funded Hearing Aids for Music project)

The presentation will discuss findings of the three-year AHRC-funded Hearing Aids for Music project which explored how hearing impairments and the use of hearing aid technology affect musical behaviour. This will include discussion of the difficulties reported, positive outcomes with music, understanding knowledge gaps between audiologists and musicians, how the findings can be applied to improve hearing aid fittings in clinic, and resources available to develop skills, terminology and understanding of music for audiologists.

Inspired by IDA – A new benchmark for person-centered care

Jeanette Blom

Communications Manager – The IDA Institute

The Ida Institute is an independent, non-profit organization working to integrate person-centred care in hearing rehabilitation. Together with hearing care professionals around the world, we develop free tools and resources to strengthen the counselling process.

Inspired by Ida is a program that guides both hearing care professionals and front desk staff in the fundamentals of person-centred care (PCC) and provides coaching for implementing PCC in their work via tools developed by the Ida Institute. Successful completion of the coursework and pledging a commitment to PCC principles earns clinics the Inspired by Ida label, a benchmark of quality in person-centred care.

Student Presentations @ AIHHP!

This section of the AIHHP Hearing Expo went down so well last year, that we decided to open it up once again to three lucky final year audiology students. Watch this space, as their names and presentation titles will be announced veery soon!

Feedback from one of last year’s students:

It was a great experience and I was pleasantly surprised by the members response to the presentation but also that the members do follow the association values and do help each other. 

It also gave me a lot of insight into what the REAL independent providers do and how much they invest in testing and rehabilitation with their clients.”


The 12th Golden Lobes  Gala Awards Evening!

For this year’s awards, we’ll be holding a Golden Lobes ‘Masquerade Ball’ on the evening of Friday 16th November 2018. 

The pre-dinner Drinks reception is kindly sponsored by Sivantos, when you’ll be able to enjoy a glass of bubbly, then there’ll be a three course dinner, dancers and a variety of live music to ensure a great selection of get-up-and-dance music for all to enjoy!

Not forgetting the prestigious Golden Lobes awards ceremony, which we’re delighted that honorary president of AIHHP, Prof. Brian Moore, is able to attend and help us hand over the beautiful sought after glass trophies.

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Many thanks to our Diamond Sponsors for 2018….

Please note that the above details & any published timings are subject to change

2018/19 Events

  • Fri 15th & Sat 16th March 2019 -AGM & Full Members Meeting – CANCELLED
  • Fri 17th & Sat 18th May 2019 – Full Members Meeting & Business Networking Evening – Venue TBC
  • Fri 22nd & Sat 23rd November 2019 – The Annual AIHHP Hearing Expo & 13th Golden Lobe Awards

If you are interested in receiving more information about attending or exhibiting at any of the above events, please email Stephanie Meli at or call 07704 880626.