Colin Eaton

Name: Colin EatonP1010315

Age: TBC

Company: Honiton Hearing Centre

The Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals (AIHHP) were pleased to announce the addition of Colin Eaton onto their council in March 2014.

Colin, owner of Honiton Hearing Centre has over 15yrs experience in the industry & joined 10 other Executive members that run AIHHP.

Colin was delighted to be voted onto the AIHHP council, saying:

“I have been a full member of AIHHP for many years now, and their ethos of best practice, best technology, and best client care is something I whole heartedly endorse, we were awarded AIHHP Centre of Excellence status shortly after we joined the Association, and to be recognised as such by our peers is something we are extremely proud of, the path towards serving on the AIHHP council was an obvious next step, and I look forward to doing my best for the Association.”

The 3 things that Colin can’t live without:

  1. My wife and family
  1. Green fields, I have to see green, I don’t do well in towns and cities.
  1. Trewithen Dairy yoghurt & cheese……(it’s a long story!)

Favourite Quote:  ‘Opportunities are like buses, there is always another one along in a minute, sometimes 3 together’ – John R. Eaton, my grandfather

Favourite Place in the World: In my lounge in Tiverton, looking out over green fields, glass of Remy Martin & a good book, surrounded by my friends and family.