Dr Barbara E Weinstein – Speaker at The AIHHP Hearing Expo 2018

Dr. Barbara E. Weinstein received her Ph.D. from Columbia University where she began her academic career as a young faculty member. 

A Professor and Founding Executive Officer of the Health Sciences Doctoral Programs at the Graduate Center, CUNY, Dr. Weinstein also holds a position as an Adjunct Professor of Medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center in NYC. 

The author of both editions of Geriatric Audiology, Dr. Weinstein is a 2017 recipient of the ASHA Louis DiCarlo Award and a 2016 recipient of the New York State Speech, Language and Hearing Association Distinguished Clinical Achievement Award. Professor Weinstein developed the world’s most widely used tools to identify patients with hearing loss which has been translated into 20+ different languages and is used globally to document the negative health effects associated with age related hearing loss and the outcomes associated with hearing aid use, audiologic rehabilitation, and counseling. 

Dr. Weinstein’s primary research interests include hearing loss, dementia and social isolation, physician-patient communication, screening of age related hearing loss, person –centered care delivery and quantification of patient reported outcomes.

Dr. Weinstein has long advocated for the integration of hearing health care into the mainstream be it cultural, medical or religious institutions.  Her research on hearing loss and dementia, and on the social consequences of hearing loss, have profound implications at the intersection of audiology, medicine and society.