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Hearing Healthcare Professionals listen when GPs fail to hear you.

Nearly 40% of people who think they have an issue with their hearing do not receive any help as family doctors fail to refer them to a professional. General Practitioners (GPS) do not carry out hearing tests, they refer people to their local audiology clinic or private hearing aid dispenser but 4 in 10 people are not being given that referral.

It can take some people ten years or more to approach their GP from when they first realise they can no longer hear all the sounds of life. And yet, having taken this step, 39% of people will be turned away by the GP.[1]

“I think the explanation is that doctors do not have a particular insight into hearing loss and they can lack information as to how much enjoyment the hearing impaired can get from a modern, digital hearing aid,” says Secretary General Soren Hougaard, EHIMA who commissioned this study in England, Germany and France.

No one is turned away by a member of the Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals (AIHHP). Anybody who thinks they maybe missing out on the sounds of everyday life will be listened to, treated with respect and offered a full audiological examination to see if their hearing has changed and if necessary what improvements can be offered.

[1] EuroTrak UK 2010.

New Range of Hearing Aids As Unique As Your Signature

Easier speech understanding in background noise and unparalleled sound quality were two of the most important criteria when AIHHP (The Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals) commissioned its exclusive new Signature Range of hearing instruments.

The Signature Range has been commissioned by AIHHP to set a new benchmark for individuals looking to improve their hearing.

“When people want the best in today’s hearing care, they seek out an AIHHP Member because that way they know they’re getting a personal service where the quality is assured and where their hearing needs are addressed effectively,” says Robert Beiny, Chairman of AIHHP. “We wanted a range of hearing aids that reflected this.”

Based on the latest research, the Signature Range recognises the fact that we all experience sound differently. Our hearing’s unique. What we hear day-to-day is unique. Even the way our brains interpret sound is unique.

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