Dr Graham Naylor – Speaker at The AIHHP Hearing Expo 2017

Graham Naylor is Director of the Scottish Section of the MRC/CSO Institute of Hearing Research (IHR) in Glasgow, Scotland. He leads the institute’s research programme in the areas of hearing disability and hearing aids, with projects seeking to understand real-life auditory behaviour, improve methods of assessing disability and intervention benefit, and propose innovative solutions for hearing problems.

Prior to joining IHR, Graham worked for 20+ years at Oticon’s Eriksholm Research Centre, from 2000-2013 as Director. Here he was instrumental in promoting numerous research projects which have impacted the wider field of hearing-aid R&D.

Graham is currently President of the International Collegium of Rehabilitative Audiology.

Dr Naylor is presenting “Looking at Listening Eyes: Insights and Applications” at this year’s AIHHP Hearing Expo.