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Thanks to the fantastic British public, Help for Heroes has raised much needed funds to support members of the Armed Forces who are injured, wounded, or have become sick in the service of our country. All funds raised to date have either been allocated or spent on the direct, practical support of the wounded.

Help for Heroes is working with the MOD and the British Legion to create five regional Personal Recovery centres.  (There are four currently in operation.) The centres provide facilities to support two key parts of the recovery process: holistic life skills and activities to get the wounded, sick and injured back out doing what they enjoy the most. From learning new skills, to access to psychological, financial, employment, prosthetic and social support, the Recovery Centres are a “one stop welfare shop” for our wounded and their families.

AIHHP supports Help for Heroes

AIHHP members provide a range of quality services including hearing assessments, hearing aid provision, hearing protection and other specialised services related to hearing. AIHHP strive to promote credible and accessible hearing care which means it’s also very important to us to be involved with registered, strong valued and charitable organisations such as Help for Heroes.

Find your nearest AIHHP Hearing Care Centre – use the search facility to the right hand side to find a hearing centre near you!

Free of charge hearing instruments may be offered to wounded veterans medically discharged from the Armed Forces from 2001 onwards, if one of their Principle Invaliding Conditions is Hearing Loss, depending on their hearing needs. This will be verified initially by Help for Heroes welfare staff on presentation of one of the following:

  • Service medical documents (F MED 4)
  • Armed Forces Compensation Scheme paperwork
  • War Pensions paperwork
  • Service Number
  • Address

When you attend your first appointment at the AIHHP Hearing Care Centre allocated, you will be asked to provide the following documentation:

  • Photographic Proof of ID (ie. Driving license)
  • Proof that you have served in the armed forces
  • One or more of the following documents to prove that one of your invaliding conditions is hearing loss:
    • Service Medical Documents (F MED 4)
    • Armed Forces Compensation Scheme Paperwork
    • War Pensions Paperwork

Your details may need to be verified with your Help for Heroes Welfare Officer – see below.

Recovery Centre Welfare POCs. (AIHPP members can consult with or refer clients to if necessary):

Please note that not all hearing conditions can be helped by Phonak’s portfolio of  hearing instruments. If this happens in your case, your AIHHP member will refer you back to Help for Heroes who will help you access funding for alternative hearing aids.

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