New Range of Hearing Aids As Unique As Your Signature

Easier speech understanding in background noise and unparalleled sound quality were two of the most important criteria when AIHHP (The Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals) commissioned its exclusive new Signature Range of hearing instruments.

The Signature Range has been commissioned by AIHHP to set a new benchmark for individuals looking to improve their hearing.

“When people want the best in today’s hearing care, they seek out an AIHHP Member because that way they know they’re getting a personal service where the quality is assured and where their hearing needs are addressed effectively,” says Robert Beiny, Chairman of AIHHP. “We wanted a range of hearing aids that reflected this.”

Based on the latest research, the Signature Range recognises the fact that we all experience sound differently. Our hearing’s unique. What we hear day-to-day is unique. Even the way our brains interpret sound is unique.

So getting the best out of a person’s hearing requires a combination of state-of-the-art technology and professional expertise to precisely tailor the sound to match the individual’s own unique ‘hearing signature’.

“People get bombarded with adverts for hearing aids all the time all claiming to work miracles. It’s no wonder people get confused,” explains Beiny.

“By commissioning Signature, AIHHP is cutting through all that confusion with a very simple message: Your signature is your sign of approval; and is unique to you.

Our Signature hearing instrument range carries the AIHHP seal of approval and is also unique. It allows us to personalise sound quality just for you, to make it as individual to you as your signature. If you want to get the best out of your hearing you need two things: the professional expertise of someone who properly understands your hearing; and a hearing technology that is sophisticated enough to be ‘fine-tuned’ specifically for you. In the hands of an AIHHP member, the Signature Range delivers just that.”

The Signature Range boasts some of the most coveted technology available today, giving wearers an immersive 360° experience that enables them to focus in on speech as and when they need to, yet still be aware of whatever else is going on.

At the heart of Signature is an advanced ‘Surround Sound’ microchip fast enough to intercept sound, clean it up, and deliver it to the wearer in real time – so seamlessly, in fact, that the sound is kept incredibly natural and clear.

Sophisticated circuitry allows the Signature to adapt and adjust itself precisely within milliseconds, reducing interference from background noise and echoes, selecting and enhancing speech, and clamping down on sudden bangs and clatter.

The Signature Range is available in a complete range of styles from the ultra-discrete ‘Signature Open’, to custom ‘in the ear’ models, to the more traditional behind-the-ear style. It’s exclusively available from Members of the Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals.

To find out more about the Signature Range, contact your nearest member of AIHHP, or view the pdf.