Professor David Baguley

david-baguleyProfessor David Baguley was the proud recipient of the 2015 AIHHP Recognition Award for Outstanding Services to Audiology.

This year AIHHP are proud to welcome him as a speaker at the 2016 Hearing Expo, at which his presentation is titled: Tinnitus update: theory and practice

In this presentation David will undertake a guided tour through recent insights and developments in tinnitus. Research into mechanisms of tinnitus has made progress, and there are some new ideas about the relationship between tinnitus and decreased sound tolerance (hyperacusis). Clinical practice is also changing, and there are opportunities for independent sector Audiologists to support and treat patients with tinnitus.


David is Professor of Hearing Sciences,  University of Nottingham, and Deputy Director, NIHR Nottingham Hearing Research Unit as well as President, British Tinnitus Association.

David has a wife and three children. Following part-time training for the Anglican Ministry he was ordained Priest by the Bishop of Ely in 2012. He serves as Assistant Curate at All Saints Church in Milton, Cambridge.

Read a great interview on The Clinical Aspects of Tinnitus that appeared in the ‘The Hearing Review’ last December by clicking HERE.