Hearing Protection

Specialist custom-made hearing protection is becoming ever more popular, as awareness increases of the long-term hearing damage that can be sustained from noisy work environments, and loud pastimes such as music, motorcycling and shooting.
Different types of passive filters can be built in to custom earplugs, providing appropriate frequency and level attenuation for each specific application.

Custom-made ear plugs provide the best comfort and isolation for extended use.  Our ears are unique and to provide the best protection a plug that reflects the shape of your ear is the best solution compared to an ‘off-the-shelf’ product that has been made to fit the ‘masses’. Protecting your hearing against the harmful effects of noise damage will reduce the chance of you suffering from hearing loss in the future.

Electronic hearing protectors are also available for shooting – these amplify quiet sounds, allowing the wearer to hear soft sounds, but shut off when the gun is fired (or other loud noise occurs) providing excellent protection.

As motorcyclists are all too aware, speed has a significant effect on the sound level, and for each 12mph increase in speed, the intensity of sound is doubled. This means that at just over 60mph, a motorcyclist is exposed to approximately the same sound levels as a circular saw operator!  Motorcycle plugs are made from an especially soft silicone material, which makes them comfortable to wear for long periods of time under a crash helmet.

Custom earpieces are also available for motorcyclists, which combine hearing protection with high-fidelity speaker units, making for a perfect solution that sounds great.

From DJs to musicians to vocalists, occasional gigging to thrashing around at home, the level of music can often exceed the safe levels of noise in heavy industry. Although you want to reduce the overall loudness of the music the clarity and timbre of music must be retained.  Modern music plugs can offer protection but without compromise to the music. AIHHP recommend specific musician’s plugs, made from medical grade silicone incorporating a filter with a flat reduction,  it is just like turning the volume down but without losing any of the quality of sound.

For further details on the above-mentioned hearing protection, as well as earplugs for swimming and sleeping, please contact your local AIHHP Hearing Centre.