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AIHHP is an not for profit organisation and run by 8-10 Executive Members that are voted by members on to the ‘Council’.

The Council members have regular conference calls, meet before each conference as well as working behind the scenes on various projects on behalf of all AIHHP members. They ensure the public are provided with the best possible standards in hearing care.

Martyn Scott - Chair

Company: Hearing Aid Solutions

Duncan Collet-Fenson - Treasurer

Company: Aston Hearing

Duncan has a very intuitive, empathetic audiological style with a deep understanding of how to achieve the best results from the technology available. Of recent years Duncan has been an invited member of various manufacturers’ focus groups, allowing him to highlight the concerns of end users directly to those involved in product research and development.

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Robert Davies

Company: South East Hearing Care Centres

Robert Davies, who has over 20 years’ experience in the hearing aid industry, realised his dream to run his own family-based business, when he took over Seaford Hearing Care Centre over 8 years ago.

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Steve Mantle

Company: Clearer Hearing


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