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The 25th Annual AIHHP Hearing Expo

Many thanks to our Sparkly Silver Sponsors without whom, we would not be able to put on this very special

25th Anniversary AIHHP Hearing Expo!

As always, the Friday conference & exhibition is OPEN TO ALL who have an interest in audiology (with the Saturday being kept for AIHHP  Executive & Full Members only.)

This year’s Hearing Expo is being held at the luxuriously refurbished Wokefield Estate, near Reading in Berkshire. Sitting just south-west of London, the hotel is located near Reading and is just 10 minutes from J11 of the M4 and 40 minutes from Heathrow Airport. There are fast, direct trains into London Paddington from Reading station.

Click on the hotel name above to go through to the hotel’s website for further details.


Once again we have a tremendous line up of fantastic speakers and are honoured that Simon Weston CBE, is able to deliver our 25th Anniversary keynote speech.

Simon Weston CBE

Overcoming Adversity

In 1982 the Sir Galahad was destroyed in Bluff Cove on the Falkland Islands, on board was Simon Weston, Welsh Guardsman. Simon was severely injured, sustaining serious burns to 46% of his body. He has become well-known across the United Kingdom and abroad for his struggle to overcome his injuries and redefine his role in life, and his message is one of achievement, of triumph in the face of adversity, and of seizing the moment and succeeding.



Read more about Simon HERE

Dr Lynda Shaw PhD CPsychol PSAE

Consulting Room Conversations – Turning Awkward into Awesome

As a cognitive neuroscientist with business psychology and an entrepreneurial background, Lynda’s aim is to offer a deeper understanding of what it takes to thrive and prosper. When stress levels swamp productivity. When unconscious bias blinds people from seeing resolution and valuable insights. When uncontrolled emotion hinders communication. When women find it hard to negotiate for promotion or becoming partner. She has spent her whole working life building a reputation for practical insights that make a real difference to the running of successful businesses by enabling an efficient and happy workforce that gives a business competitor advantage.  Lynda will deliver a workshop to non-audiological staff as well as present on the main stage; exploring the power of the consulting room conversation.

Find more out about Lynda HERE

Mr James Tysome MA, PhD, FRCS (ORL-HNS)Consultant ENT Surgeon

Eustachian tube dysfunction

The function of the Eustachian tube is poorly understood. While it may well have an important role in much of the otological disease that we treat, the mechanisms and degree to which it contributes are poorly understood. There has been renewed interest in the field following the introduction of balloon dilatation of the Eustachian tube as a treatment option for obstructive Eustachian tube dysfunction. Like all surgery, patient selection is key and we need to understand who has Eustachian tube dysfunction to be able to determine who is likely to benefit as we cannot rely on symptoms alone. This talk will explore a new evidence based definition of Eustachian tube dysfunction, the contribution of the Eustachian tube to middle ear disease and what tests are most effective in making a diagnosis and in determining whether our treatments are effective.

Read more about James HERE

Anna Pugh  Hearing Therapist Audiologist

An opportunity not to be missed?  Supporting Diabetic Patients in your practice

People with Diabetes are three times more likely to have a hearing loss than their peers (Mozaffart 2010).  People with Diabetes understand the importance of preventative healthcare, and attend a wide variety of clinics from podiatry to ophthalmology

Anna’s presentation will talk you through positioning your expertise on hearing loss to attract this population to your clinics, and tips on how to engage with other professionals working in Diabetes healthcare



Read more about Anna HERE

Professor Richard Ramsden, MBE

Informed consent – why has it become important?

Consent for surgical procedures is essential , but obtaining it has tended in the past to be somewhat haphazard.  The itemising of benefits and risks has not always been crystal clear and often patients have been asked to sign the consent form on the way the operating theatre with their cognitive function impaired by the narcotic effect of the premed. This is now unacceptable. The concept of informed consent is relatively new and has been defined legally by the so called Montgomery judgement. Its effects now spill over into any contact between a patient and a health care provider.  This includes audiologists and audiometricians.  In this talk, Richard will outline areas of practice where minor changes in practice may be necessary for the protection of the clinician as well as the patient.


Read more about Professor Ramsden HERE

Lisa Lloyd  HG.Dip.P  CPsychol  MSc  P.G.C.E   BSc.Hons

‘Mind your own Business’ – the Importance of mental fitness at work for you and your team

Following roles in teaching and education Lisa qualified as a chartered psychologist and psychotherapist. She set up ‘It’s Time for Change’ to support people to thrive by focusing on resilience, emotional intelligence and wellbeing. Putting good emotional health and skills first enables people to achieve their full potential and improves outcomes at all levels.

Lisa Lloyd, behavioural psychologist and well-being coach explores the importance of mental well-being at work for you and your team. She’ll help you recognise the potential early signs of stress and depression and the benefits of early intervention strategies.


Read more about Lisa HERE

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For the 3rd year running, our Practical Training Stream returns!!

Due to the success of past couple of years front of house staff training session, we’re making this year’s 25th Anniversary Hearing Expo even more appealing to AIHHP Members non-audiological staff with a workshop run by Dr Lynda Shaw in the morning and then an opportunity to visit each of this years’ sparkly silver sponsors for some practical training in hearing aid repairs.

FREE OF CHARGE for AIHHP Members staff, these will be relaxed but very practical and interactive sessions; with the morning workshop taking place in a breakout room and the ‘repairs’ tour being held in the Exhibition Hall itself.

Everyone, is then of course invited to attend the Golden Lobe Awards evening – so a great team building opportunity for you and your staff.

If you’re not an AIHHP member, but would like you or a member of your staff to attend this session, please email:

Calibration Service at the AIHHP Hearing Expo

We’ve once again partnered with Acoustic Metrology so you can save down time by having your equipment calibrated at the conference by a AML Calibration Engineer.

Take advantage of their special exhibition rates.

Click HERE to book your equipment in!

The 13th Golden Lobe Awards

Whilst it’s the 13th Golden Lobe Awards, we’ll be using this year’s awards, to really celebrate AIHHP’s past 25 years on the evening of Friday 22nd November 2019.

The Pre-Dinner Drinks reception is kindly sponsored by Widex, when you’ll be able to enjoy a sparkling aperitif, after which you’ll be served a sumptuous three course dinner. Once this year’s 25th Anniversary Golden Lobes have been handed over, a live 90’s band to take us back to 1994, when AIHHP was first thought of, with a great selection of music to ensure everyone gets up to dance the night away!

We’re delighted that AIHHP’s honorary president, Prof. Brian Moore, will once again be able to join us for the evening and hand over the beautiful, sought after, Golden Lobe glass awards.

Book 3 places to the 13th Golden Lobes Gala Awards Evening…and get a 4th place FREE of charge!