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The Spring 2021 online AIHHP ‘Hearing Expo’












Due to the ongoing restrictions and social distancing measures, we’re unfortunately still unable to get back to face to face events.

So, we thought we’d organise a bonus online Spring 2021 AIHHP Hearing Expo!

This will be a nice opportunity to catch up with your AIHHP friends and colleagues, whilst at the same time receiving some great educational content. The agenda is now complete – with just a couple of presentation titles to add in.  It aims to help all delegates continue their professional learning and development, as well as assist with the burning business issues you may be facing currently.

This event will be held online via Zoom.

CLICK HERE to access a PDF of the full agenda for Friday 19th March and read more below about some of our speakers.

Delegates from all sectors of the audiological community are invited to attend the main conference day on the Friday 19th March.


Saturday, 20th March 2021

This day of the Hearing Expo will incorporate AIHHP’s AGM and is open to AIHHP Executive & Full Members ONLY.

AIHHP Members, please CLICK HERE to access a PDF of the full agenda for Saturday 20th March.


Please note the any topics & timings published are correct at the time of writing but are subject to change.




The agenda is now complete – just a couple of presentation titles to add in. As you can see this Spring Expo will aim to help all delegates continue their professional learning and development, as well as assist with the burning business issues you may be facing currently.

This event is being held online via Zoom.


Louis Barnett

Growing your Business using the Chocolate Box Methodology

Louis’ chocolate box methodology sums up all the constituent parts he used to turn a kitchen table start-up to a business selling to 17 countries in 8 years.

It revolves around a deep understanding of consumer psychology and the limbic brain 🧠 as well as get into get into colour psychology, consumer psychology and how key 🔑 empathy is to understand in growing your business.

In the talk, he’ll run through creating a powerful brand that uses emotions to make powerful connections with your audience and customers. He’ll detail marketing strategies that use objective data and research and sales processes he has successfully used to sell to some of the worlds largest companies.

Find more out about Louis HERE

Professor Brian Moore

Emeritus Professor of Auditory Perception in the University of Cambridge and a Visiting Professor at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge

Efficient automated hearing tests using machine learning

Machine learning can be used to improve the efficiency of automated hearing tests by picking the most informative signal for each trial, i.e. the signal for which the response will maximally reduce the uncertainty about what is being measured. Examples of such tests include estimation of the audiogram, the edge frequency of a dead region, and equal-loudness contours; the latter can be used to infer loudness recruitment as a function of frequency.

And here are all the other participating companies bringing you their latest innovations, thinking and other updates! 

(Get your drinks and snacks at the ready – it’s a jam-packed day – but we’ll have some fun along the way!)



Presentation #1 – Oticon

More Sound, More Innovation, More Opportunities

Alison Stone – Training Manager & Audiologist, Oticon UK

Hearing care professionals are spoilt for choice when it comes to hearing technologies. Your decisions may be based on clinical or arbitrary factors and that’s ok…after all there are no bad hearing aids! Every now and then something very special and truly different comes along… stay tuned to find out more.

Presentation #2 – Phonak

Customise your Paradise

Richard Neale, Audiology &  Training Co-ordinator

Presentation #3 – Unitron

Providing Unique Support to Our Independent partners

Laura McFadden, Director of brand and communications, Unitron Global

Presentation #4- Natus

Otoscan – Market Update

Tony Rainer, European Market Development Manager

Presentation #5 – Interacoustics

Advancing your assessments and fittings to stand out from the crowd

Jack Bennet, International Clinical Trainer, Interacoustics Academy

Jack will explore tests that are easy to add to your assessments, helping you stand out from the competition, while adding genuinely valuable information that can change the way you manage patients.

Presentation #6 – Widex

Minimising Delay and Ai personalisation: How Widex delivers Sound like No Other.

Oliver Townend, Head of Audiology Communication, WSA

Presentation #7 – GN Hearing

Delivering a personalised consultation in a competitive marketplace

Joe Whibley, Sales Director, GN Hearing UK

It’s never been more important to deliver personalised care against the backdrop of a competitive online environment. During this session, Joe shares some hints and tips on personalising the consultation to really understand your client.

Presentation #8 – Bernafon

Bernafon Alpha – A Challenging Review!

Navjeet Sandhu-Jones, Training Manager & Audiologist, Bernafon UK & Neil Hockley, Head of  Audiology, Bernafon AG

Hybrid Technology? Real Time Processing? Channel Free?

What do these all mean and are they really that effective in delivering natural sound?

Join Nav and Neil for this session where they look at Bernafon’s new technology and give you a flavour of what to expect with Bernafon’s new range, Alpha.

Presentation #9 – Signia

“Just another Hearing Aid…”

Daniel Laverty, Sales Director, WSA UK

The Signia brand exists to enhance human performance, to allow people to ‘Be Brilliant’ – and we don’t just mean by correcting a loss. We want wearers to feel empowered, to gain an advantage, to be the best version of themselves. Join us for an exclusive insight into our forthcoming product launch, which promises to be like no other.

Just another hearing aid?

We will let you decide.

Presentation #10 & Breakout Combined – Starkey

Reimagining Hearing Aids by Providing A Gateway to Health & Wellness

For this session Dave Fabry, Starkey’s Chief Innovation officer, will be joining us live from Minnesota, USA to present.

Find out what’s happening in the Zoom breakout rooms….

Breakout Session – Widex

Widex Brand Evolution

An industry first look at how the Widex Brand is evolving.

  • Presemter: Emma Williams, Brand Manager, Widex UK

Breakout Session – Signia

Join the Signia team for a live, interactive survey to gain YOUR thoughts on the newest Signia innovation.

  • Presenters: Emma Jones (Brand Manager, Signia UK) & Sunir Gyawali (Sales Manager, Signia UK)

The 14th Golden Lobe Awards

Sadly the 14th Golden Lobe Awards have been postponed until 26th November 2021.

This event will be held @ The Hilton St George’s Park, Burton Upon Trent – please put this in your diaries today!