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AIHHP is a professional association dedicated to promoting excellence within the UK Hearing Care profession.

Our members provide a range of higher quality services including hearing assessments, hearing aid provision, hearing protection and other specialised services relating to hearing than would normally be found on the high street.

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In just a few minutes we can give you an idea of how well you’re hearing. Please be aware that this is not designed to replace a professional hearing test.

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An AIHHP Centre of Excellence is the main practice of an AIHHP Member. AIHHP Centres of Excellence must meet strict criteria in terms of equipment and service levels. These criteria are under constant review to ensure that AIHHP Centres of Excellence represent the highest standards of “best practice” in the Profession.

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Why AIHHP Matters to YOU…

This website will be of general interest to anyone with an interest in hearing and particularly:

If you are a Consumer:

  • Looking for quality driven, higher level of aftercare, independent advice on hearing care in the UK, hearing aids, hearing protection and other hearing devices
  • Wanting to locate the nearest AIHHP member to you

If you are a Professional:

  • Find out how AIHHP can support you in providing the highest standards in hearing care to your patients and clients
  • Find out how your organisation can work more closely with AIHHP
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Feedback from our members customers

“He has made such a significant difference to my life with his advice and ongoing pastoral care that I feel it is worthy to note this to his peer group... He certainly has given me courage and confidence to keep functioning in this noisy world of ours.”

Jake Dunkerton
East Sussex

“I've never been happier, AIHHP have assisted me the entire way, I am very thankful.”

Bill Murray