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The AIHHP member community works to deliver quality care to people all over the UK. Anyone with an interest in audiology, UK hearing care provision or hearing aids can apply to become a member of AIHHP.

Existing members benefit from a wide range of AIHPP support. Our events and members forum are very popular and we know from member feedback how helpful they can be.

Joining AIHHP

There are three levels of AIHHP membership to choose from: associateship, full, and executive. Honorary membership is also awarded to individuals for special contribution to the profession and certain exceptional circumstances where they may not meet the requirements of executive membership.

All new members must first join as an associate member initially before evidencing their ability to meet strict criteria to be able to progress to full and executive memberships. All members must adhere to the AIHHP codes of practice:

The aim of the association is to promote and maintain the very highest professional and ethical standards of hearing healthcare within the private sector. Each member of the association shall place the welfare of the patient before all other considerations and shall behave in a proper manner towards professional colleagues, and shall not bring them or the Association into disrepute.

You must also follow our AIHHP guidelines if you would like to join as a member. Click HERE to read these guidelines.

Please email Shona Jackson, membership secretary, for further information or if you would like to join AIHHP:

Associate Members

Associate membership is open to anyone with an interest in audiology, UK hearing care provision and/or hearing aids. Associate members do not have the same strict obligations placed on them as executive and full members.

Associate members:

  • AIHHP Council may elect as an Associate Member any person who it considers suitable, demonstrating an interest in audiology and who is a qualified HAD.
    • Any new member must join initially as an Associate Member (unless they are hearing aid audiologists working or representing an Executive Member’s business – see Full Member description above) and may subsequently apply for Executive Membership (subject to the necessary criteria being fulfilled.)
  • May attend the annual AGM and any ‘open’ meetings organised by AIHHP.  Associate Members may be entitled to reduced rates for meetings.
  • Are people that generally share the ideals of the association to promote higher professional standards in provision of audiological services to the client.
  • Can be employed by an executive member or are seeking to become an executive member.
  • Frequently attend AIHHP’s educational days and therefore interact directly with exhibitors and speakers.
  • Take a keen and active interest in AIHHP’s education meetings because associate membership is voluntary.
  • Associate Membership will be reviewed after 2 years
  • May NOT use the association’s logo.

The cost of associate membership (AM) is also £ 100 + VAT per year.

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Full Members

This level is for all registered hearing aid dispensing professionals working for an executive member.

Full members are invited to attend the Saturday conference meeting but it is not obligatory.

However, they will be awarded 2 points for each day attended, giving a maximum potential of 10 points per year and members with 100% attendance receive a certificate.

Full members are permitted to use the AIHHP logo in their advertising and marketing – on printed materials or online. Full members are also permitted to use the acronym: AIHHP (full member) after their name in correspondence.

The cost of full membership (FM) is £ 100 + vat per year.

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Executive Members

Executive members of AIHHP have to meet strict criteria before being accepted for executive membership, but they have the most rewarding relationships with users of the AIHHP service. Acceptance as an executive member is conditional that they meet the entry requirements provided in AIHHP’s code of practice and have the required equipment.

Executive members (EM) are:

  • Required to be owner managers of a full time independent hearing aid practice operating from a permanent base and open daily.
  • Executive members represent everything from individually owned & managed practices to multi-site businesses with several dispensing hearing aid audiologists.
  • Executive membership is by application (or invitation) and there are strict obligations that are placed on them to ensure the highest standards of professionalism and ethics in hearing healthcare in the UK.
  • Executive members are constantly trying to set themselves apart from other hearing healthcare organisations, seeking to lead the Profession by example.
  • Executive members are not in competition with each other and actively support each other by sharing knowledge, experience and ideas.
  • Executive members are permitted to use the AIHHP logo in their advertising and marketing – on printed materials or online and are listed on the AIHHP website.
  • Executive members can also use the following acronym; AIHHP (Executive Member) after their name in correspondence.
  • Executive members have full voting rights and so have a significant voice in the development of AIHHP as a professional organisation.

Executive member entry requirements:

  • Must follow standards of conduct, performance and ethics laid down by HPC.
  • Main centre must be a full time permanently staffed practice.
  • Where hearing tests are carried out noise levels must be in accordance with the appropriate BSA recommendations.
  • Use BSA cross infection control procedures.
  • Use outcome evaluation procedures either COSI, APHAB or IOI-HA.
  • Any hearing aid audiologist in their employ or representing their business is required to be a Full Member in accordance with the terms set out below.

Executive member equipment requirements:

  • Electronic hearing aid analyser
  • Insertion gain measurement
  • Tympanometer
  • Sound level meter
  • Broadband internet
  • Speech audiometry facilities
  • Video-otoscope
  • Insert Eartones
  • Data protection registration
  • All EM’s must agree to remain independent
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Enhanced CRB (for a charge, this can be arranged by AIHHP)

The spirit of AIHHP is active participation and attendance in the association and at AIHHP events.

Executive Members are therefore now required to attend ALL AIHHP organised meetings (including business meetings), but in any instance that they are not able to attend, they will make a best endeavor to send an alternative representative – wherever possible this should be a Full Member.

An Executive Member may use, if they so choose, the following initials after their name to indicate and demonstrate their membership level within the Association:

AIHHP (Executive Member)

The executive membership fee is £175 + VAT per year.

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Joining Procedure

  • All members must join AIHHP as an associate member initially.
  • AMs can then put themselves forward for executive membership, assuming they have the required standards.
  • AMs initially attend a minimum of one meeting as an associate member.
  • At the next conference, which must follow on directly after their 1st conference they will have guest attendance at the Saturday meeting, which is usually only open to executive and full members (e.g. attend the spring meeting as an AM and your EM upgrade will be reviewed at the Autumn meeting of the same year).

The Upgrade Process

  • AIHHP Council review upgrade applications at each council conference meeting.
  • 2/3 council members will meet with applicant at the conference for an informal chat; these council members will be arranged at the meeting.
  • The upgrade decision will be made either at the conference or next council conference call when standards have been met; by blind vote.
  • The applicant will be informed by the membership secretary/ announced at the conference EFM meeting depending on when the decision is made.

To find out more about membership, or to join, please email: or complete our form here.