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AIHHP are here to help connect customers with the very best care for their hearing. Underlying our function as a professional association are some very clear objectives which provide the foundation for everything we do.

AIHHP want to promote:

  • A greater understanding and appreciation of our sense of hearing
  • Regular hearing checks throughout life by qualified professionals
  • Effective prevention and treatment of hearing loss
  • The highest professional standards amongst UK hearing care professionals

As a consumer it can often be confusing to know where to start when it comes to hearing care. You realise how important your hearing is, and you want to be sure you get the very best professional advice and care for it.

By giving our members the tools, guidance and support they need – and ensuring they adhere to our high standards – we can be certain they are providing you with the best possible standards in hearing care available today.

That’s where AIHHP can help

We provide you with information so you can make an informed decision. Use our search facility to find an AIHHP hearing aid audiologist closest to you, and trust that they meet our high standards in order to maintain their membership. AIHHP can help you ensure that you give your hearing the respect it deserves.

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