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Joint clinical guidance from BSHAA, AIHHP, BAA and BSA

April 9, 2020

BSHAA, AIHHP, BAA and BSA recognise that guidance on how to practice is required during the COVID 19 pandemic.

All four bodies have worked closely together to produce one guidance document.  This document will be reviewed and updated regularly.

The detailed joint guidance is now available for you on our website. CLICK HERE TO READ IT / DOWNLOAD

Please take time to read the guidance and understand in detail how it could impact on your practice.



AIHHP will continue to support members in the best way possible.

Soon, we will be sending you the details for an online meeting so we can answer any questions you may have that other members may have already dealt with, as well as understand any support you still need.

Via BSHAA’s website:

  • You can now access a directory of training materials and resources on their website to reinforce your professional development portfolio.
  • You can receive 50% discount if you’re a BSHAA member to the ‘e-Learning for Healthcare (E-LFH)’ platform
  • You can visit their business support page, which now signposts you to the Government schemes relevant to you

If you have questions you’d like us to try and answer on the forthcoming webinar, please email Stephanie Meli via

Please continue to maintain social distancing, follow the best standards of hygiene in all you do and – above all – stay safe.

Kind regards

AIHHP Council