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Updated Covid-19 practitioner guidance from BSHAA, AIHHP, BAA and BSA

May 1, 2020

AIHHP, BAA, BSA & BSHAA are pleased to release an updated version of the their joint Guidance. Readers will note the guidance is referred to as joint Audiology & Otology Guidance with the content moving from emergency and essential to delivering services where there is audiological need. The guidance has been collated with input from the Infection Control Society and ENT UK.

To read and/or download the new guidance please click HERE.

Members of all organisations are invited to a joint Professional Bodies webinar on Tuesday 5th May at 4.00pm to ask any questions and discuss implementation for their service.

Pre-submitted questions and comments are encouraged to be sent via

Please submit all questions or comments by 12:00 noon on Tuesday 5th May.

Click here to register

The webinar is being kindly hosted by Starkey, who have the capacity on their webinar system to handle the large number of professionals that are expected to register.