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What to expect at a hearing assessment

May 13, 2019

With 11 million people in the UK having some level of hearing loss, getting a hearing assessment is essential to enjoying healthy hearing for as long as possible. An audiologist is specially trained to diagnose, monitor and treat conditions that affect your hearing and so is skilled in carrying our hearing assessments. So what should you expect from an experienced audiologist at your hearing assessment?

Conversation and compassion

In addition to taking a thorough medical history, your audiologist should take the time during your hearing assessment to listen to your needs, find out if you have any concerns about your hearing and learn about your hopes and expectations for your hearing health.

woman getting her hearing tested by a female audiologist

Comprehensive testing

Next comes your actual hearing assessment, which is neither invasive nor painful. It starts with a physical examination of your outer ear using a special device called an otoscope, followed by an examination of the health of your middle ear using tympanometry.

Then the hearing tests begin. These are carried out in a comfortable, controlled sound environment, such as an audiology booth. Your audiologist will assess your ability to hear tones played at different volumes and pitches, as well as your ability to understand speech against different levels of background noise.

As everyone’s hearing health is different, your audiologist may need to carry out some additional tests during your hearing assessment to get a clearer idea of any hearing problems you may have, all of which are also non-invasive and painless.

woman having a hearing test with a male audiologist

Personalised treatment

The results of your tests will be fully explained during your hearing assessment so that you have a clear understanding of your hearing health. If your results reveal that you require treatment to improve your hearing, your audiologist will put together a treatment plan that works for your hearing needs, as well as your lifestyle and budget.

Ongoing support

Your relationship with your audiologist doesn’t end once you’ve had your hearing assessment and received treatment. For those who have experienced hearing loss, adjusting to life with hearing aids takes time. Follow-up appointments with your audiologist can provide you with the support and advice you need to enjoy your newfound healthier hearing.

Hearing assessment – where to find out more

If you are concerned about your hearing health or simply want peace of mind with a routine check-up of your hearing, Help in Hearing is on hand. Our experienced audiologists in Buckinghamshire are ready and waiting to give you a full hearing assessment.

To book your appointment at our Farnham Common or Marlow clinic, fill in our online form or call us today on 0345 222 0579.

By Help in Hearing