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RAYOVAC® launches hearing loss conversation campaign to empower consumers to hear more for longer

March 3, 2020

RAYOVAC® a division of Energizer Holdings, Inc. is helping to raise awareness of hearing loss in the lead-up to World Hearing Day, with the launch of a campaign to encourage people to talk more openly about their hearing, educating them on early signs and asking them to get their hearing tested.

The theme for World Hearing Day (3 March 2020) is ‘Hearing for Life: don’t let hearing loss limit you’. Established by the World Health Organization, World Hearing Day is the largest global advocacy campaign to raise awareness of ear and hearing care issues. This year’s event will target the public with information to increase awareness of issues surrounding hearing loss motivating them to seek help.

RAYOVAC®’s campaign, ‘Let’s Talk about Hearing Loss’ aims to encourage people to speak to their loved ones about their experience with hearing loss and, rather than accepting the status quo, to get their hearing tested by an audiologist.

The campaign uses a relatable approach, centred around a number of ‘hearing personality types’, including ‘I’m ignoring it Ivor’, ‘I’m compensating Constance’, ‘It’s not my problem Peter’ and ‘I know I need help Helen’ and asks consumers to identify themselves or their loved ones from the line-up, supported with practical tips and advice on next steps.

To help people to start the conversation around hearing loss, RAYOVAC® has established an online information hub for people affected by hearing loss which includes advice on identifying early signs of hearing loss, guidance on how to broach the subject with a friend, colleague or loved one, where to go for help and what to expect from your first audiology appointment. This is available alongside a toolkit for independent audiologists and hearing professionals, to help them spread the word around World Hearing Day.

Supporting RAYOVAC® in the campaign is British audiologist Emily Balmer, Director of Audiology and founder of The Hearing Suite in Harrogate. Emily’s interest in hearing loss and passion for helping those affected started during a period she spent as a youth volunteer in a children’s home in Peru, where she met an 11-year old girl who was profoundly deaf and had no ability to communicate through language

She said: “After graduating from university with an audiology degree, I moved in the direction of adult rehabilitation. I found that I was equally as passionate about helping people who had experienced great hearing for most of their lives but had lost that. Helping people recover and rediscover the sounds they had earlier in life is extremely rewarding.

“Many people ignore the early signs of hearing loss or accept it as just another part of the ageing process. Many are so used to compensating for poorer hearing that they don’t view it as a problem, or they may be concerned about what the outcome of a hearing test might be. I am delighted to be working with RAYOVAC® to help people to talk more openly about their hearing, banish misconceptions around what wearing a hearing aid is like and help more people take steps to get their hearing tested.”

Approximately 15% of the world’s adult population has some degree of hearing loss[1], a quarter of these are over the age of 65. Europe, like many other parts of the world, has an ageing population. This, together with increasing rates of hearing loss caused by environmental noise hazards, including loud music and headphones, means that the number of people experiencing hearing loss in Europe is rising[2]. In the UK, for example, it is estimated that one in six people are affected by hearing loss. This is predicted to grow to one in five by 2035[3].

Paula Brinson-Pyke, Marketing Director at RAYOVAC® said: “Hearing loss affects one in six people and can make you feel isolated and alone, but with the right help it shouldn’t stop you living the life you deserve.

“As a leading global hearing aid battery manufacturer* RAYOVAC® wants to empower our customers to hear more, so they can live their best lives. The first step is recognising there is a problem and taking a hearing test, before consulting with a hearing specialist like Emily.”

To download the toolkit for your practice, and learn how to get involved in World Hearing Day, visit, like RAYOVAC® on Facebook on or follow us on Twitter at

*Based on internal company estimates of worldwide market share.


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[1] World Health Organization


[3] Action on Hearing Loss